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    Energy-Boost Tea programme

    Anti cellulite et minceurHappy Detox Tea are offering you an Energy-Boost tea* which allows you to feel full of energy and vitality.
    Following a 4 or 8-week regime, you can improve tonus and reduce stress on a daily basis.
    In our 100% natural infusions you will find plants which are recognised for boosting energy levels, fighting fatigue and reducing stress.

    This Energy Boost programme:

    • Increases energy and vitality levels.
    • Reduces stress and anxiety.
    • Promotes stamina and resistance.
    • Gets rid of toxins.

    This programme comes with our Sport and Nutrition ebook because in order to maintain a high level of vitality and reduce anxiety, it is always necessary to watch your diet and do some physical exercise!

    In order to be full of energy every day:

    • Drink your Energy Boost tea, derived from traditional Chinese plant-based medicine, every morning.
    • Follow your exercise programme which has been created by our coach. It can be adapted to your level.
    • Control your diet with the help of nutritional advice from our nutritionist.

    This programme is available in two different durations:

    • 4 weeks
    • 8 weeks

    Your Energy Boost programme consists of:

    An Energy Boost tea programme
    An exercise programme
    A nutrition programme
    All the ingredients that go into our energy-boost teas are 100% natural and we carefully control their origin.
    The compositions are formulated by experts in medicinal plants.
    Our slimming approach promotes visible results.
    Our slimming and detox teas offer taste and flavours.
    Our exercise and nutrition programmes have been devised by sports coaches and nutritionists.
    *The results of our programmes vary with the individual and are not guaranteed.
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