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    Teatox : Slimming and detox news

    Launch of the Anti-Aging and Energy Boost teas from Happy Detox Tea

    Just over a year after the launch of the website happydetoxtea.com, specialising in detox and slimming regimes based around teas and plants descended from traditional Chinese medicine, customers will be able to take advantage of two new creations, with the launch of the brand’s Anti-Age and Energy Boost teas.


    These new teas from Happy Detox Tea combine knowledge originating in traditional Chinese medicine with that gathered through more recent research on plants, notably on their antioxidant properties and also on nutricosmetics.


    These teas are mainly aimed at women, who understand today that wellbeing and beauty are maintained from the inside just as much as from the outside.


    The anti-age tea draws its benefits from white tea from the Fujian region of China (this is the tea with the greatest antioxidant properties), from Chinese hawthorn which helps fight against the lack of firmness and the loss of density of the skin, and from Greater Burdock and its strong hydrating properties.

    Anti-Aging tea Happy Detox Tea

    This anti-aging tea fights against the signs left by time on the skin but also acts on the tonus of the hair.


    The Energy-Boost tea has a base of black tea from Guizhou province which is known for being rich in theine, Chinese dates (jujube), known for their energising powers, goji berries, which promote endurance, Greater Burdock, which has great detoxing properties, and Ginseng, which carries countless benefits and which has been considered for many years in Asia as a universal remedy!

    The Energy-Boost tea has also been created to help reduce stress and anxiety in order to make consumers feel as full of energy as possible.

    Energy-boost tea Happy Detox Tea

    In order to form part of an overall healthy lifestyle, these teas, to be consumed in a 4 or 8-week programme, always come with an exercise programme and nutritional advice created by professional coaches. The exercise programmes are suitable both for beginners and those more accustomed to doing sport: they offer daily 15-minute sessions of exercises that will work the main muscle groups and thus promote tonus and vitality, whilst also contributing to toning up the body. The Happy Detox Tea e-book also presents some programmes which are recognised be nutritionists as being the most effective when looking for vitality and balance on a daily basis.


    These infusions have been created exclusively for Happy Detox Tea by a Chinese professor who is an expert in the tea from the town of Xiamen (Fujian – China).

    A comparison of slimming teas: how to choose the right one?

    Origin of slimming teas

    Ancient origins: traditional Chinese plant-based medicine

    In actual fact, most slimming teas are not only teas, but rather infusions of several plants (including teas), the origins of which lie in traditional Chinese medicine, or ‘natural’ medicine.


    And this combining of plants, if done properly, is what may promote weight loss.

    Whether green, white, oolong, Pu’Er or black, teas carry numerous benefits. They may act as antioxidants, appetite suppressants, drainers or toxin eliminators, as well as many other things. But it would be a slight exaggeration to say that teas have an effect on weight loss.

    Rather, it is solely the combining of several plants which can create a real slimming tea which will then promote weight loss.

    Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of more than 10000 different plants. This is why the actual combining of plants must be carried out by professionals with a thorough knowledge of the subject.

    Today, these traditional Chinese techniques are often taken up by naturopaths, who are far more likely to be found in our countries than a professor of Chinese medicine!

    Advice to help you choose the right slimming tea for you

    Top tip 1:

    Choose a slimming tea which contains more than five different plants. It must not only contain tea. It is the combination of these plants, in their specific amounts, which will help you in your path towards weight loss. The packaging should indicate clearly the types of plant and how much of each is contained in the tea. It’s vital to know what you will be consuming!


    Top tip 2:

    Top tip 2: Your slimming tea must have been created by a professional natural medicine practitioner, who practices either traditional Chinese medicine or naturopathy.


    Rapid development and the birth of a new trend: teatox


    Since 2012, with the appearance of brands such as SkinnyMeTea in Australia and also Happy Detox Tea in France, slimming teas have become part of a more general approach towards health and wellbeing. This has led to a boom in sales of such products. The fact that they are available to buy online has enabled them to reach a more global audience, and at a rapid pace. As a result, these infusions have expanded far beyond the original markets for traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, and have now reached a new audience.


    Slimming teas and teatox regimes now convey a more modern, feminine and trendy image and are associated not only with health and wellbeing but also with fitness and overall maintenance of the body.

     Happy Detox Tea_packaging

    Teatox regimes give people greater control over their diet, promote physical activity and instil a greater feeling of calm in those who partake in them. They involve much more than simply drinking an infusion; they help with weight loss but also with creating a sense of wellbeing, both mental and physical.



    Teatoxes generally consist of two teas and an exercise programme, as well as nutritional advice.

    One of the two teas is usually a detox tea (Morning cleanse tea or Morning detox tea) to be drunk first thing in the morning, while the second is a slimming tea (Evening cleanse tea) to be drunk before you go to sleep.

    This combination of detox tea and slimming tea, paired with physical exercise and diet control, produces successful results amongst consumers, as can be seen from the many ‘before and after’ photos posted on social media.



    Top tip 3:

    Choose a slimming tea which comes with an exercise programme and nutritional advice. A slimming tea alone will not always will bring the results you hope for. But combined with some exercise and a balanced diet, it will help you obtain the results you want and, above all, an even greater dose of wellbeing!


    Slimming tea ingredients

    Here are the main ingredients that can be found in the best slimming teas currently available on the market, along with the benefits they offer. It’s not an exhaustive list of ingredients and suppliers, but we’ve chosen those which seemed the most interesting and effective.

    From Happy Detox Tea

    Crataegus pinnatifida : Promotes digestion and burns fat

    Orange peel : Promotes digestion

    Cassia Tora : Reduces appetite, removes toxins and combats bloating

    Lotus leaves: : Help with slimming, prevent water retention and increase muscle tonus

    Pogostemon cablin : Fights cellulite and water retention

    Pu’Er Tea : Removes toxins and aids digestion


    From SkinnyMeTea:

    Senna leaf: removes toxins

    Celery seeds: Help reduce water retention

    Valerian: Settles the stomach and digestive system

    From Teatox:

    Yerba Mate: has diuretic and laxative properties.

    Dandelion roots: relieve constipation and digestive problems, reduce excess cholesterol and may even combat loss of appetite.

    Sencha : like all green teas, this has a positive effect on the metabolism.

    Lemongrass: helps treat digestive problems


    From SkinnyMint:

    Ginger: aids digestion.

    Lemongrass: helps treat digestive problems.

    Senna leaf: removes toxins.

    Psyllium: fights constipation; reduces blood cholesterol level.

    Top tip 4:

    Choose a slimming tea which provides full details of its ingredients. You need to know the plants it is made from, as well as their quantities.

    Top tip 5:

    Avoid slimming teas which have a strong laxative effect… Not only is this unpleasant, but it is also not especially effective when you are targeting medium term weight loss!


    For how long must you drink slimming tea in order to see results?

    Slimming regimes starting from 2 weeks in duration

    Different brands of slimming tea and teatox offer programmes which range from 2 to 8 weeks in duration.

    It is however advisable to follow a slimming programme for a minimum of 4 weeks in order to obtain noticeable results which will last.

    Happy Detox Tea sell slimming tea as part of a 4 or 8 week programme only. As for the complete teatox however (that is, both the slimming and detox programme), Happy Detox Tea offer this starting from a minimum of 2 weeks in duration. Results can therefore be seen after 2 weeks, but it is better to go for a slimming programme, a detox programme or a teatox, that will last for a period of 4 weeks or, for best results, 8 weeks.


    Can you follow a slimming programme for more than 8 weeks?

    It is perfectly possibly to follow a slimming programme for more than 8 weeks. But in order to do this, you must follow the advice given under Top Tip 5, and not choose a programme which has a strong laxative effect!

    With Happy Detox Tea, there is no laxative effect.

    However, some people who have drunk SkinnyMeTea have reported experiencing a strong laxative effect.


    Top tip 6:

    We recommend that you follow a slimming tea regime for a minimum of 4 weeks or, if you wish to obtain a result that is even more noticeable, 8 weeks!


    Results vary from person to person

    Naturally, results will vary from person to person

    Happy Detox Tea asks its customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey once they have completed a programme. More than 80% of customers have reported achieving weight loss.

    And more than 75% of customers said they would order another programme, and would recommend this type of slimming tea to their family and friends!

    An even greater number of people have lost weight by following the nutritional advice and doing the exercises suggested in the Happy Detox Tea nutrition and sport ebook.

    To achieve convincing results, it is also vital not to forget to drink tea in the evening before going to bed! This needs to become a pleasant routine to help you finish your day in a peaceful way


    Top tip 7:

    To achieve a perfect result, do 15 minutes of physical activity a day. Certain people will be able to shed pounds in just one month by doing this!

    Top tip 8:

    Control your diet.


    To recap, here are the 8 rules to follow to choose the right slimming tea for you and really lose weight:

    1-Choose a slimming tea which contains more than 5 different plants.

    2-Choose a slimming tea made by a professional natural medicine practitioner.

    3-Choose a slimming tea which comes with an exercise programme and nutritional advice.

    4-Choose a slimming tea which provides full details of its ingredients.

    5-Choose a slimming tea which does not have a strong laxative effect.

    6-Follow a slimming tea programme for a minimum of 4 weeks.

    7-Do 15 minutes of physical activity a day during your programme.

    8-Follow the nutritional advice provided in the guide which comes with your slimming tea.

    7 top nutrition tips for a healthy winter

    In winter the days are shorter, the weather is often gloomy, the holidays seem far off… There are lots of factors which push us to seek comfort in other things, and sometimes this means our diet goes off track, which leads to us gaining a few pounds we’ll need to shed before spring comes round again!

    But it’s also possible to avoid getting ill, putting on weight and feeling the cold, and instead to retain a positive outlook and to take pleasure from and even enjoy this season! Here are 7 top nutrition tips to follow to help you have a healthy winter!

    Fill up with fruits rich in vitamin C

    And how convenient, it’s the season for them! Oranges, clementines, mandarins, lemons, kiwis – whichever you choose, and whether it’s to munch or to drink as juice, just enjoy!

    With juices, of course, you should make them yourself and drink them just after you’ve squeezed the fruits; otherwise some of the vitamin content will be lost.

    Juicing allows you to easily get up to four portions of fruit a day. You can also add some exotic fruits like mango, pineapple and passion fruit. It’s delicious, it boosts your mood and it also brings you a little bit of sunshine!

    These fruits will give you your daily dose of vitamin C, so you will avoid the colds and bouts of tiredness that are so common in winter.


    Vitamine C et bien-etre

    Eat fish, especially oily fish to get your dose of vitamin D

    We sometimes call vitamin D, « the sunshine vitamin » because it is the sun that allows us to produce it. It is the action of ultraviolet B rays (UVBs) hitting our bare skin that triggers the production of vitamin D. This is why we may find ourselves lacking in this nutrient in winter! Generally our diet provides us with no more than a third of our vitamin D requirements. But this small contribution is even more vital to maintain during the winter!

    So, we encourage you to eat cooked salmon, pickled herring, cooked mackerel, sardines in oil, and even oysters ! For those who like it, cod liver and its oil are extremely rich in vitamin D. We suggest that you eat these sorts of food 4 times a week minimum.


    If you don’t like these foods, it may be necessary to take a course of vitamin D supplements. You can speak to your doctor or pharmacist about this.

    Indulge in seasonal vegetables to meet your fibre, vitamin and mineral requirements

    Nature has done a good job: winter vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, which are just what the body needs this season!

    Here’s what you’ll find on the shelves at this time of year:

    - Root vegetables : From the more traditional orange carrot and its ancient yellow, purple and white cousins to the purple or golden ball turnip and beetroots of all shapes and sizes, to less widely known vegetables like the parsnip, the rutabaga and the Jerusalem artichoke…

    - Cabbages in all shapes, sizes and colours!

    - Not forgetting musky gourds, bbutternut squash and other red squashes and pumpkins!

    All these delicious vegetables can be cooked to use in soups, veloutés and stir-fries, or braised or steamed. But some of them can also be used to make detox juices!

    We advise you to eat some of these vegetables with every meal: eating a minimum of two types per meal will give you the vitamins, minerals and fibre you need!

    A top tip is to eat fresh products: no tinned foods, no ready meals, no frozen foods! Buying good quality, fresh products does not take any more time and it’s better for you, your family, the producers and the planet! But you probably know this already! Not to mention how nice it can be to prepare a good meal for your loved ones and enjoy a moment to relax and disconnect from reality at the same time!

    Get the fibre and minerals you need with whole grains

    Whole grains are great friends to the intestinal system and the heart. Along with dried vegetables, they are mainly known for their fibre content, but they also contain a significant amount of minerals, especially zinc.

    Whole grain can be found in everyday foods such as bread, rice, wheat and quinoa. But make sure that you choose only those marked as wholegrain and don’t confuse them with those containing refined grains.


    As well as being rich in fibre and minerals, foods rich in whole grain leave you feeling full for longer. When it’s cold and therefore important to expend energy, especially to maintain a correct body temperature, these foods, which are rich in carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index, are of even greater importance.

    We recommend that you eat these sorts of food 3 to 4 times a week.


    See to your vegetable protein needs by eating dried vegetables (legumes)

    Dried vegetables are important because they contain a large quantity of vegetable proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and a low quantity of fat.

    As vegetable proteins (except soya) are often low in amino acids, it is vital to eat them alongside grains and legumes in order to ensure that all the essential amino acids can join together.

    In fact, a lack of just one amino acid can be enough to compromise protein use altogether.

    Legumes, like beans, peas and lentils, are rich in lysine, an amino acid which cannot be found in grains, which themselves contain methionine. So by consuming both, we can get all the vital amino acids.

    We recommend that you eat these sorts of food 3 to 4 times a week.


    Keep hydrated in order to fight against the cold

    We often remember to keep hydrated in the summer when it’s hot, but less so when the temperature starts to drop. In winter however, people quite often suffer from dehydration, especially children and the elderly. The dry cold is a principal cause of this, but heating in the home and at work can have the same effect.


    In order for the body to function as it should, hydration is vital. Our bodies are 65% water, and the water content varies with the different organs. The blood is 83% water; fatty tissue is 10% water. The brain is 70% water, as are the muscles. Water is therefore essential to maintaining our physiological functions, and all the more so given that we are constantly getting rid of it! We start to feel thirsty when we have lost just 1% of our body’s water, and this has an immediate effect on our intellectual and physical performance!

    So, we advise you to drink juices, soups and stocks but also, of course, tea! However, limit your coffee and alcohol consumption!


    Use winter as an opportunity to start a detox regime – why not make it a tea-based detox?

    So what exactly is a detox regime? It involves getting rid of the toxins contained in the body, whilst giving the body a break at the same time.

    The origins of detox regimes lie in the principles of naturopathy. Indeed, a detox gets rid of all that is toxic in the body, and does so in a natural way.

    It both helps and stimulates the organs that deal with waste disposal, like the pores, the liver, the intestines and the kidneys, in order to get rid of the toxins found in the body.

    A tea-based detox is a type of detox which works on a long-term basis and does not have a harsh effect on the body. It’s a gentle regime and one that is extremely beneficial to the body. It originates from traditional Chinese medicine.

    It uses lots of different parts of plants such as the leaves, wood, bark, seeds and roots. These plants are chosen according to different classifications that have been drawn up over centuries by professors of Chinese medicine.


    To get the best results, we recommend that you follow a tea detox regime for a minimum of 4 weeks or, better still, 8 weeks:  Detox tea 4 or 8 weeks.

    A tea-based detox is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only is it a natural way of getting rid of toxins found in the body, but it also promotes wellbeing and vitality and helps you to stay in shape!

    Why you should start a detox regime as autumn approaches

    Autumn and detox regimes

    The concept of a detox regime is just as original as it is appealing in terms of the benefits it offers. A detox is one of the most natural ways of refreshing and restoring your body), leaving you slim, detoxified and glowing inside and out.

    What exactly is a detox regime?

    Today, detox regimes are extremely fashionable, especially in the USA. Indeed, almost all the big names in Hollywood are full of praise for them. The principle behind a detox regime is simple: to remove all the toxins found in the body, whilst giving the body a break at the same time.

    Where do toxins come from, and how can we get rid of them?

    The body can become clogged up and accumulate waste. Over time, waste products can harm and disrupt the functioning of the body. This can then have results such as fatigue, irritability, a dull complexion, hair loss, reduced resistance to infections, and various other problems which may have a serious impact on your health.

    We may note that our diet has changed significantly over recent decades. Around 80% of the foods we eat every day are factory-produced, meaning everything is processed and, above all, made unnatural. These foods may contain ingredients which can be harmful to the body, such as acidifiers, colourings, pesticides or texturising agents.

    Toxins may also be produced by the environment. We all know that the world we live in today is a polluted one, its atmosphere saturated with greenhouse gases. But that’s not all – tobacco and alcohol, as well as the consumption of certain medicaments, can also overload the body with toxins.

    The origins of detox regimes lie in the principles of naturopathy. Indeed, a detox gets rid of all that is toxic and unnatural in the body, and does so in a natural way.

    The most important thing to do during a detox is to control one’s diet, favouring fruit, fresh vegetables and fluids. A detox both helps and stimulates the organs that deal with waste disposal, like the pores, the liver, the intestines and the kidneys, in order to get rid of the toxins found in the body.

    What benefits can you expect from a detox regime, and why should you start one as autumn approaches?

    The reason why detox regimes are enjoying huge popularity today is because many people have obtained noticeable results from them. After all, when you start a regime like this, you always expect to get benefits from it, don’t you? After following a detox programme for just a few days, you will find yourself feeling as if your body has been renewed and restored from the inside, and more alive than ever before.

    A detox allows you to regain energy and to be more resistant to the stress you come up against on a daily basis. By following a detox regime, you will soon find yourself sleeping like a baby once more.

    Studies show that the intestine contains hundreds of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, amongst others. Our body does have a means of protecting itself, that is the gut. However, if the food we eat contains too much sugar, fat or omega 6, this may cause the intestine to deteriorate, as well as provoking inflammatory reactions. Because of this, the intestine is vulnerable. The pathogens migrate towards other systems in the body, and produce harmful effects which impact our health, such as allergies and urine infections.

    By starting a detox, you can regain a healthy intestinal ecosystem. Your cells will regenerate in just a matter of days. With a detox regime, you will always get out of the right side of bed! The interaction between neurotransmitters like cortisol, dopamine and serotonin will ensure you are in a good mood every day. And your morale will never be low!

    The benefits of a detox do not solely apply to the inside of the body. You can also notice visible exterior effects. A detox will enhance your appearance and give you a fairer, more glowing complexion. It may also help you get back in shape. For overweight individuals, a detox can bring quite remarkable weight loss results.

    Our body has been designed to clean itself, but sometimes it can do with a little help. The key is to set off on the right foot before the start of the new season that awaits. Speaking of seasons, summer is coming to an end and autumn is knocking on the door. The effects of the sun on our whole body start to diminish and the days start to get shorter, which impacts our sleeping pattern. The new season also signifies stress and a return to greater activity. We also often find ourselves having to take on new tasks and responsibilities. This is why it’s so important to start a detox once summer is over and as autumn begins.

    The main types of detox regime

    There are a vast amount of different detox regimes to choose from. Generally, some are based mainly on making modifications to your diet, whilst others are based on manipulation of the body.

    Here are a few examples of different detox regimes:

    Raw food detoxes, which involve a diet of raw foods only. This type of regime relies solely on living nutrients and enzymes.
    “Fasting” detoxes, where solid foods are replaced with liquid nutrients
    Protein rich detoxes, with foods that are rich in animal proteins (less than 24 hours in duration)
    Micronutrition detoxes, with dietary supplements
    Fasciatherapy detoxes, to massage and relieve pain in fibrous body tissues
    Osteopathic detoxes, involving visceral osteopathy manipulation.

    How long does a detox regime last?

    The length of a detox regime can vary a lot. It can vary depending on the effects you are expecting, and how well your body tolerates the regime, but will last between a minimum of 1 day and 60 days at the very most. Some people are after a very quick programme that will last only a few days; others wish to follow a regime at a more leisurely pace, for one or two months. You must however be aware that a detox regime is not a slimming regime. Its primary purpose is to give you a break and to relax the body.

    Detox regimes consisting of tea, physical exercise and a controlled diet

    A tea-based detox is a type of detox which works on a long-term basis and does not have a harsh effect on the body.
    Its target is long-term wellbeing. It’s a gentle regime and one that is extremely beneficial for the body. It originates from traditional Chinese medicine, which itself is more than 2500 years old and is based on five key cornerstones:

    • Qigong, or exercise
    • Dietary regime
    • Use of herbs and medicinal plants
    • Mssage
    • Acuponcture

    The tea-based detox regimes offered by suppliers like Happy Detox Tea adopt three of the main aspects of Chinese medicine: exercise, dietary regime and use of herbs and medicinal plants.

    Tea or infusion-based detoxes therefore originate from this Chinese medicine. The way they work is linked to the decoction of tea and plants, which allows the plants’ active and aromatic principles to be extracted, as the plants are dissolved in boiling water. All the different parts of plants can be used, such as the leaves, wood, bark, seeds and roots. These plants are chosen according to different classifications that have been drawn up over centuries by professors of Chinese medicine: they are classified by flavour, constitution, meridians and their specific qualities.

    The range of detox teas offered by Happy Detox Tea is 100% natural, and all have been formulated by genuine professionals in medicinal plants.

    We offer two lengths of detox regime 4-week or 8-week tea detox.

    During your tea detox regime, drinking is not enough in itself; it is also vital that you exercise. This is why our teas come with an e-book containing an exercise regime. The regimes we’ve provided for you have been created by sports coaches, and are adapted to suit all ability levels. By doing sport, you speed up the process of eliminating toxins found in the body. It also enables you to strengthen your muscles (stomach, glutes, thighs…) and stimulate your blood vessels.

    For a maximum energy level and a perfect detox, you must also follow a good diet and ensure you get all your vitamin and mineral needs. This is why our detox programmes also come with dietary regimes. Our professional coaches guarantee you will get the best results throughout the duration of your detox.

    A tea-based detox is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only is it a natural way of getting rid of toxins found in the body, but it also brings some very satisfying results. More and more people are enthusiastically partaking in detox regimes and thoroughly recommend that you do the same.

    Slimming tea from Happy Detox Tea finds its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    It is important to remember that what is commonly called " slimming tea " is actually a mixt of different plants and not only tea. The tea comes exclusively from the tea plant and specifically the Camellia Sinensis plant as slimming teas are composed of different medicinal plants and herbs and not just tea (green, white, black, oolong or pu'erh). And this, although the thinness characteristics of teas also exist.

    Origin of Chinese slimming teas

    Chinese slimming tea is closely related to Traditional Chinese Medicine which is inspired by the old Asian medicine and enhanced by the contributions of modern medicine.

    Chinese medicine dates back over 2,500 years and its fundamentals are based on the following pillars:

    The use of herbs and medicinal plants
    Exercise ( Gigong )

    The earliest traces of therapeutic practices date back to the Shang Dynasty ( 14th to 11th century BC ) but it's actually from the 11th century BC that the first medicinal plants are used. Historians find at this period some elements that demonstrate a few dozen herbs and plants whose benefits on health are known. In the 16th century, nearly 1 900 compositions of plants and herbs are identified. At the end of the 20th, more than 12 000.

    Chinese slimming teas are coming from herbal medicine

    Herbal chinese medicine results in the use of plants and herbs decoctions. The decoction is a method of extracting the active ingredients and/or flavorings by dissolving the plan preparation in boiling water. It applies to different parts of plants : roots, seeds, bark, wood, leaves.

    In herbal chinese medicine, in the vast majority of decoctions, it is used between 5 and 20 plants. The objective is to play on the complementarities and synergies between plants and avoid negative side effects.

    In our Happy Detox Tea preparations, we use 5 plants for Morning Detox Tea and 7 plants for Evening Slimming Tea.

      These ingredients are listed below with their main benefits :

    Morning detox tea

    Oolong tea : Reduces appetite and boosts energy
    Cassia Tora : Improves digestion and burns calories
    Lotus leaf : Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns calories
    Rhizoma alismatis : Anti-bloating
    Gynostemma : Boosts energy

    Evening Slimming tea

    Crataegus pinnatifida : Improves digestion and burns fats
    Poria cocos : Anti-anxiety and natural sleep aid
    Orange peel : Improves digestion and anti-anxiety
    Cassia Tora : Anti-bloating and natural laxative
    Lotus leafs : Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns fat
    Pogostemon cablin : Reduces cellulite and anti-bloating
    Puer tea : Kill toxins
    Plants are chosen for their complementarity and according to their characteristics. There are different classifications for these plants.

    Classification according to their nature :

    Hot, cold, cool, neutral.
    The 'cold' plants will for example deal with problems resulting from excess heat in the body while « hot »plants will treat problems causing a cold effect of the body.

    Classification according to their taste :

    Acre, bitter, sweet, sour or salty.
    Each flavor corresponds to a major organ ( "zang" in Traditional Chinese Medicine ) : Kidneys, Heart , Liver, Spleen/Pancreas and lungs.

    Classification according to the meridians (specifically based on the meridians association with organs).

    Meridians are in Traditional Chinese Medicine the channels through which "vital" energy circulates in the body.
    There are 12 meridians in the body in which the medicinal plants can have an effect.

    Classification according to specific benefits

    For example « fat burner caracteristics » , « draining caracteristics », « anti-cholesterol caracteristics », etc ...


    It is based on these classifications that Chinese herbalists and Chinese professors develop the compositions and especially those that you find in the slimming teas and the detox teas provided by Happy Detox Tea.

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