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    Depending on your goals, your motivation and your time, you should first choose the length of your Teatox: from 2 weeks to 8 weeks! It’s then very simple, a successful teatox is based on three cornerstones:

    Drinking your Happy Detox Tea:

    Your morning teatox with Morning detox tea:

    • 1 cup every morning
    • Boosts energy
    • Reduces appetite
    • Anti-bloating
    • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
    • Improves digestion and burns calories

    Your evening teatox with Evening slimming tea:

    • 1 cup every evening
    • Kills toxins
    • Improves digestion and burns fat
    • Anti-bloating and a natural laxative
    • Reduces cellulite
    • Anti-anxiety and a natural sleep aid

    Regular exercice adapted to your body

    We work with a qualified trainer. In this e-book you will find different programme options to follow for the duration of your 
    Choose the one you think best suits you and most importantly, 
follow it!

    Our coach suggests programmes that take short amounts of time and fit perfectly into an active and busy lifestyle.

    Giving your body 15 minutes of exercise a day is a necessary investment for your well-being. You will not regret it!

    Follow a healthy balanced diet

    Our nutrition expert has added their nutritional advice to the programme.
    For each day of your teatox, it gives you the key to creating balanced and healthy meals. It will help you achieve your slimming goals and improve your vitality!


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