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A simple and natural teatox

A cup of morning detox tea every day when 
you wake up, a cup of evening slimming tea 
before bed. A fun fitness and nutrition programme to follow! Let it guide you!

A tasty teatox

Teas and plants contained in our Teatox are not only 100% natural and selected for their slimming and detoxifying characteristics, but also made for you to enjoy with their herbal flavours and subtle aromas.

An effective teatox

With Happy Detox Tea, you get real results. Your waist gets slimmer and vitality improves. Slimming and vitality await you! You will get notable results !

A motivating teatox

Along with our teatox we provide some programmes studied by our coach to accompany you in your diet and in your exercise. These programmes are effective and fun! Share your results with the Happy Detox community!