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get real results

An effective teatox

✔ With Happy Detox Tea, you get real results.
✔ Your waist gets slimmer and vitality improves.
✔ Slimming and vitality await you!
✔ You will get notable results !

Natural ingredients

A simple and natural teatox

✔ One or two cups of tea to drink during the day depending on the objectives.
✔ A fun fitness and nutrition programme to follow! Let it guide you!

Tastes & flavors

A tasty teatox

✔ Teas and plants contained in our teas are 100% natural.
✔ Teas and plants are selected for their medicinal characteristics
✔ Made for you to enjoy with their herbal flavours and subtle aromas.

Sport and Nutrition

A motivating teatox

✔ Along with our teas we provide some programmes studied by our coach to accompany you in your diet and in your exercise.
✔ These programmes are effective, easy to follow and fun!
✔ Share your results with the Happy Detox Tea community!