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Cassia tora is a plant native from India and South East Asia. Cassia Tora is known for its many healing benefits.
It is a wild herb that measure from 30 to 90 cm and the leaves can be up to 5cm long. The roots, leaves and seeds are widely used in herbal medicine, mainly in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine.

The medicinal benefits of Cassia Tora come from the leaves ans the seeds :
participate in the treatment of skin diseases
Seeds :
They facilitate weight loss, digestion, and have a natural laxative effect.
They promote visual acuity  and are recommended for people who work a lot in front of a computer screen!

In our slimming and detox teas, we  use Cassia Tora seeds.
According to an ancient Chinese legend, a Taoist priest, over 100 years old, always had a keen vision and hearing, and a your man body, what impressed his followers and urged them to devotion. But his only secret was to consume Cassia seeds daily.
This legend is now reinforced by scientific studies showing its benefits in the following areas: visual disturbances, hypertension, high cholesterol level or constipation.