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As part of your detox or slimming cure Happy Detox Tea, we send you an e-book that contains a fitness programme prepared by our coach.
The exercise programme is an essential complement to your Happy Detox Tea detox or slimming treatment, but most importantly, do not put pressure on yourself!
The programme we have developed is for everyone!

We offer it at different levels:

Beginner: Step 12 , 3 and 4

Intermediate: Step 123 and 4

Advance: Step 1234 and 5

We also provide you with  yoga exercises: short yoga et un long yoga.
Choose the level that seems suited to your physical condition and follow the steps.
One step per day and five times a week!
It is not possible to fail with this method. With a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise per session, you will achieve your slimming, vitality and well-being goals.

This programme is mainly focused on the following parts of the body: thighs, hips, buttocks and abdominal muscles.
You have to respect some rules in the context of this programme:

Warm up before starting the exercises: short warm up and long warm up.

Stretch at the end of the session.

Be careful with your posture on all movements: Keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles contracted to protect yourself.

Inhale and exhale well on each movement.

Hydrate yourself during your breaks.

Do not overlook the sessions of cardio exercises to burn fat.