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    Our teas are made from 100% natural products. Their origins are checked and certified to European standards.
    We work with tea gardens selected for the quality of their work and also for their observance of a mode of production that respects the environment.
    Our tea gardens partners are in the regions of Fujian (Oolong teas) and Yunnan (Puerh tea) in China. These two areas are the most renowned for quality teas in China.

    Who compose Happy Detox Tea products?

    The teas we offer are exclusively made for Happy Detox Tea, you will not find them anywhere else.

    Their composition is developed by a Professor in traditional Chinese Medicine and a tea expert to emphasize the benefits to the body without giving up the pleasure of consuming.

    Our tea experts are based in Xiamen (Fujian region) and it is in this city that we make and store our teas.

    What ingredients for what benefits?

    Morning detox tea

    Oolong Tea : Reduces appetite and boosts energy

    Cassia Tora : Improves digestion and burns calories

    Lotus leaf : Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns calories

    Rhizome alismatis : Anti-bloating

    Gynostemma : Boosts energy

    Evening Slimming tea

    Crataegus pinnatifida : Improves digestion and burns fats

    Poria cocos Anti-anxiety and natural sleep aid

    Orange peels : Improves digestion and anti-anxiety

    Cassia Tora : Anti-bloating and natural laxative

    Lotus leaf Anti-bloating, boosts energy and burns fat

    Pogostemon cablin : Reduces cellulite and anti-bloating

    Puerh tea : Kills toxins


    Anti-Aging tea

    Fujian white tea : Antioxidant and anti-aging

    Crataegus pinnatifida : Fights against wrinkles, loss of density and the slackening of the skin, as well as the appearance of shadows. Strengthens the hair

    Burdock : Fights against deterioration and drying of the skin

    Camomille : Makes the skin more radiant and fights wrinkles. Strengthens the hair

    Energy-Boost tea

    Guizhou black tea : Very rich in theine, increases energy and reduces stress

    Chinese date or jujube : Fights fatigue. Reduces stress and anxiety

    Goji berry or lycium chinense : Gets rid of toxins and increases energy.Elimine les toxines et augmente l’énergie

    Ginseng : Increases vitality and fights fatigue

    Eucommia ulmoides :  Increases vitality and resistance

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