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    Detox Tea Programme

    We offer you a range of detox programmes that allow in 4 or 8 weeks to increase your vitality and boost your energy*.

    These programmes are based on a detox cure.

    These 100% natural tea-based detox are also accompanied by programmes developed by personal trainers and nutritionists to offer you the best results for your body.

    Your Detox programme includes: 
       A morning detox programme
       A sport programme
       A nutritional programme

    All ingredients of our detox programmes are 100% natural and we monitor carefully their origin.
    The compositions are formulated by experts in medicinal plants.
    Our detox offers real results.
    Our detox teas offer tastes and flavors.

    *Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.
    Thé Détox 4 semaines
    Detox Tea Programme From €23.00
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