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niveau 2
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This fourth stage of the Intermediate level consists of a complete circuit!
This circuit uses all major muscle groups but also provides a cardio workout. At this stage, we are sure that you can do it!
During the exercises, retain a good posture and contract your abs to protect your back. Also remember to control your breathing. Completion of this circuit is a sign of good overall fitness.


Link up all 9 exercises without a break.

At the end of 9 exercises, you deserve a timeout. Take two minutes and rehydrate!

You should do 3 complete circuits.


gainage triceps sur chaise jump
PLANK - 1 minute TRICEPS - 1 minute JUMP - 1 minute


fessiers gainage latéral crunch inverse
PELVIC LIFT - 1 minute SIDE PLANK - 1 minute REVERSE CRUNCH - 1 minute


mountain climber jumping jack tirage dos
MOUNTAIN CLIMBER - 1 minute JUMPING JACK - 1 minute DUMBBELL ROW - 1 minute