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This tea, from Yunnan region (city of Pu Erh), not very common in Europe, is one of the favorite tea in China.
It is a fermented tea that improves with time. These leaves give rise to a dark liquor with a strong taste that surrounds the palate of a peat flavor with notes of undergrowth.
Pure tea purifies the body and mind. This is a tea that contains no caffeine and therefore it can be drunk at night.
This is the detox and slimming tea par excellence. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Puerh tea benefits are many and acknowledged:
The puerh tea aids digestion
The puerh tea helps eliminate toxins from the body
The puerh tea fights cholesterol and facilitates blood circulation

For these reasons it is often used and consumed to lose weight. It is considered as a "fat burner" tea.
The Puerh tea in your Evening Slimming Tea comes from a tea garden in the city of Pu Er - Yunnan Province - China. The garden from which it comes employs 100 people and covers an area of 30 hectares.